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I don't mean to panic but

Do we have anything for the collab round? I believe they're due today so....


Jul. 10th, 2012 09:07 am
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 Hey Team! This has nothing related to round 3 but


I think we should celebrate

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So the Round 3 prompt is BALANCING ACT, and it needs two different parts. So we could have a fic & art collaboration, art where two people each draw half, a fic with two different points of view in it, etc etc. Any ideas and suggestions?

PS: To keep track of the conversation in a post, you can click on the picture of the bell, in the row of little images right above where it gives the number of comments and the link to reply. If you hover over it, it says "Track this", and if you click it you can choose to send any comment to this post to your email and your Dreamwidth inbox. It can help to keep the conversation going.

PPS: Has the team had any discussions about what to do for the Collab Round prompt? I just remembered I still need to get on Pesterchum, so I'm wondering if I missed anything there.
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I stalked the last thread but I didn't have anything decent to contribute to the discussion until now so I didn't post anything.

Ok! The last thread is pretty much dead and there were so many awesome ideas and everyone seems pretty scattered about what they wanted to do. I personally love the Supernatural AU with Karkat as a vampire and Nepeta<>Equius as demon hunters. I'm a huge sucker for angsty/sad "I hate what I've become" stories so this idea really spoke to me lol. But I love all the other ideas too so if we wind up doing something else I'd be happy with that also! I like the idea of doing a fic with pictures so everyone can be involved.

What does everyone else think?

Round Two!

Jun. 24th, 2012 03:54 am
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Let's be super proactive this round! We have a totally cool prompt and it works with our characters soooo well. This can be our official discussion post. I'll post my ideas in the comments! <3
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Ok so everything's kinda due in today right? So how is everyone with that :O Everything kinda err... died a little but hopefully everything was ok?


Jun. 17th, 2012 10:09 pm
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Kittenspring and I were talking and we decided it's be best if everyone had a pesterchum so we could all converse on there over a memo about stuff for each of the round and or bonus rounds!

If you all could reply with you chumhandles that would be great. And if you don't, comment on here asking for a link to download pesterchum and I'll get right to you with that.

Also a reminder, if you do have a pesterchum and either I or kittenspring has it, try to be online as often as possible, because we will need to contact you periodically!

Also, my pesterchum handle is arsenicCatniip
I am usually always online.

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Last night I was walking to pick up supplies for my HSO entry when I got word that there was an ambulance at my house. I will not go into details, but a member of my immediate family is in the hospital right now and will be for quite a bit. I am under a lot of stress currently. I do not know if I will be able to put forth an entry for this round of the HSO, because I need to take care of my family right now. I hope you guys understand. If I can, i will be willing to proofread and give feedback and still talk on here and with you guys, I just don't think I can handle producing something with what is going on.
Thank you.
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The other thread died so I'm making a new one. Hopefully this will get people's attention more than a comment.

Ok guys we have 15 days left until we have to submit something for round 1, so we really need to get moving! We still need to decide on the plot and characters before we can start producing anything, so let's take care of that first.

I think everyone who commented on the last thread (including me) agreed with the 1920's setting, and possibly a James Bond-y/mobster-y theme. If this is what we decide on, then we still need an outline of the story and stuff.

I'd like to draw something for my submission. And if more than 4 people want to do an image submission to go along with the fic we're going to have to figure out collaborations with other team members. Aiden, if you choose to do a sculpture or something else 3-D that you're going to take a picture of, then unless we figure out a way to do a collab you get your own slot. So if that's what you decide to do, that means that there are 3 slots open for images. If I remember correctly the number of artists and authors are pretty much equal? We might not have to do a collab, but I'm just throwing it out there just in case. I'm perfectly open to working with anyone.

So let the discussion continue! :D
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Okay, since the first prompt came out, I figured we should make this as soon as possible!

So as you probably know the prompt is: gambling

Let's get brainstorming, Team Nyankat!

(BTW this is my first Shipping Olympics so if I do something wrong tell me!)

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Okay so everyone is here except antibreathingauden and epochayur

BUT one of the name on my list I took did not mach up so I'm assuming someone has a different name or something so, if you are here, but one of the above names isn't yours speak NOW or you will be booted
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Okay I have just officially gotten the email for getting the attendance for our team.

It said that I should get most of every ones info and have them reply to me asap so I can mark them as present, if they do not do this, sadly you will have to be booted from the team!
So I suggest you reply to this with some info and tell me you are present!!!
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good ship best update

sure we're allowed to feelings vent on the comm why not it builds character

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 So, what's everyone doing for the Bonus Round? I was hoping to do some stuff but I wouldn't want to disrupt anything already going on.
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